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Artisan Jewelry for our Adventurous Souls

Professional artist and jewelry designer, Kat Berger, welcomes you.  Her natural designs, colors and amazing structures will inspire and remind you of the beauty seen only in the deep reaches of our natural earth.

We wear our souls
And our souls are made from our heart, memories and dreams of the world around us as we travel through it.

Southwestern Mesas
Ocean Coral Reefs
Yellowstone Sulfur Ponds
Mountain Pine Forests
and California Beaches.

These are some of the memories and dreams that I use to create a statement necklace that is uniquely yours.

From nature I create pieces that transport you to your dreams and enhances your soul into being for all to see.

Unique necklaces
Structured designs
Vibrant colors
Luscious looks
Statements as special as you are