Woven Pendent Necklace in Chocolate & Gold

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Woven Pendent Necklace in Chocolate & Gold
Woven Pendent Necklace in Chocolate & Gold
Woven Pendent Necklace in Chocolate & Gold
Woven Pendent Necklace in Chocolate & Gold
Woven Pendent Necklace in Chocolate & Gold
Picasso Jasper pendant wrapped in copper wire and draped from a diagonal design woven bead necklace.
Picasso Jasper supports clarity and knowledge of your inner self. This clarity helps to develop creativity and understanding of your true being. I've begun a group of pendants with completely native style woven necklaces attached. This unique style of necklace will surely attract the eyes of everyone around you.
Details of this item:
C-lon thread for durability and strength
Miyuki Seed Beads in Cream, Translucent Gold, and Chocolate
Enameled Copper Wire
Grade A Picasso Jasper Stone
Antiqued Copper Magnetic Slide Clasp
Size: Total Length: 15in long
Back of Necklace: .75in wide
Front of Necklace: 1.25in wide
Pendant Length: 2in long
Stone Length: 1.5in long
Process: You are viewing one of my hand beaded web woven necklaces. Each necklace is hand sewn and beaded, taking 6-12 hours to bead and reinforce all stitching. By reinforcing all stitching the necklace is stronger but also sits with a better fluid weight around your neck. You can feel the strength of the stitching. Each necklace is a unique design and these are each made to order.  Your necklace is truly a one of a kind.
Questions: How do I know what length choker necklace will fit me?
Take a tape measure or small ruler and measure the circumference of the middle of your neck. Don't squeeze your skin when doing this. Let the tape measure flow loosely on your skin. This is the smallest part of your neck. Mine is 12in. Then measure the circumference of the very base of your neck. From the top bone of the spine around to the front where the ribs begin. Take another measurement. Mine is 17in. With choker necklaces I always take the beginning and last inch off So now I know that I can wear a choker necklace high and tight on my neck at 13in. I can also drop the choker necklace down to my collar bones at a length of 16 inches. That is the range of choker necklaces I can wear. Any smaller than 13in and they won't clasp around my neck. Any larger and they still fit me but are no longer a choker necklace. Longer lengths are now considered bib necklaces.
What if I want another color that I don't see on your website?
My woven jewelry can be made in an amazing variety of color combinations. I can make birth month colors, sport fans colors, flag colors and so much more. Adding special stones, Swarovski crystals and gemstones are all possibilities. I can also create a custom set of Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet and a ring. Please just ask me for something special. You can even send special antique beads from a family heirloom that I can incorporate into modern pieces.
When will this jewelry ship?
This piece of jewelry is ready made for you and will ship within 1-3 days. Please tell me if you need a rush order. I can usually accommodate you. I generally ship USPS Priority Mail. USPS Priority mail takes 1-3days. So depending on how far away you are from me this bracelet will arrive to you between 3-8 days total depending on weekends, holidays etc. Please just ask if you need this faster or want to confirm the arrival day. I'm always happy to help. Sometimes I can tell you that regular shipping will get to you quickly and sometimes I will recommend you paying for Express shipping. I will make sure you get your gift when you need it without paying for more then your have to.
I've got other questions?  How long does it take you to respond?
Please ask me questions. I'm happy to talk to you about the materials, my process, doing custom work or any other question you may have. Making jewelry and selling them is my full time job. I take customer service very seriously. I check my page daily. In all honesty most of the time I check my page 3-5 times a day. So most of the time I will respond to your questions in 3-4 hours although occasionally it will take me up to 36 hours if I'm on a hiking trip with the pups.
How will my jewelry be wrapped for shipping?
All jewelry will be wrapped in chocolate brown boxes with a card describing it's materials. The jewelry will be pinned into place so that it's presentation will be at it's best right when you open the box. Then the box itself is wrapped and protected for shipping. You are welcome to have a special note or card added free of charge if this is being sent directly to a friend or loved one.


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